First congratulations on continuing to upgrade your technical skills set. Learning or improving on your skills will always put you in a stronger more competitive place to address the needs of your
clients that reach your chair.

Clients reaching your chair is the question most all professionals ask themselves over and over.

Who are my clients?
Where are they?
What’s the client profile you’re looking for?
How do you find them?
Even more important, how do they find you?

These are the questions we have answers to. At the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy, we don’t
teach stylists to do hair, we teach stylists to make money doing hair.

The BSHA Academy has online courses covering,
Personal Branding
Business Coaching
FREE Business Blogs
Continued Education Course approved by the TDLR Course #25953

For more information on how you can improve your marketing and promotion skills go to
Buddy Sharp Hair Academy.

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