3 Reasons Why you Decorate.

I’m just going to shoot you strait about this one. Salons, work stations or any other service area that looks like it’s a service area is so freaking boring and sometimes a little plain and downright BORING! The equipment needed to provide the service you perform is all the mechanical looking decoration needed in what is typically a small area of the salon or your rented salon suite.

Giving your client a place to go and get their preferred service that is relaxing or just the opposite, exciting, is another invitation to book an appointment to see you. Escaping their day-to-day mom or dad responsibilities and enjoying not only you, but the environment you have provided is a great part of why they are there. Plus, it’s another reason to refer their *network of friends to come and see you.

My 3 reasons to have a decorative theme.

  • Show casing your personality with the help of your surroundings.
  • Having a cool place to work.
  • Most all Clients prefer it.

 As the years went by, my career and clients changed, from a little on the crazy side to one of a more relaxed and controlled attitudes. Now I’m writing a blog about space décor changes. With all the life changes I experienced so did my salon environment décor. Adding or changing your atmosphere on a regular basis will assist you in attracting like-minded people to be your clients. Give them a dose of who you are at every stage of your career. Pick your personality theme and enjoy it.

It’s very important to enjoy the type of work you perform, the services, clients and the place you work all have to come together for a productive business life. Make the work place décor pleasing and engaging for the clients and somewhere you enjoy being. Change it up once a year, build *a sense of belonging and keep the energy flowing.

With the talent level of stylist in our industry being so freaking good and with the tools and products being equally available to each and every one of them. It’s no wonder clients are bouncing around from place to plate looking for the right fit. With the large percentage of clients choosing a well decorated salon or suite to receive services over that of a functioning décor, one would believe that a well thought out décor would be a very good business investment. The time and expense of decorating is minimal set side-by-side to the income acquired from referrals and returned clients compared to an empty chair in a bare spot is a no brainer. Take advantage of the personality you possess and show it and express it. Use this tool to help separate you from the pack.  Having said all this, attracting and convincing clients to come see you takes more than being talented, a self-promoting guru or having a well decorated space, in today’s market it takes all three. Each one on its own is a great quality to have but all three together will put the separation you need from other stylists in the pack to put you in control of your journey to a Successful Career. 

This Is Buddy and I’m out of here.

  • *Attracting Your Networks Network. Business course on the BSHA website, describing the importance of your friends friends as your customer. buddy-sharp-ha-f945.thinkific.com
  • *Upmarket.com
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