Where Do You Do Business?

In the first part of this Blog, I’m going to talk about your Strengths. I’m not talking about you being able to pick up a small car and move it across the street. I’m talking about your ability to launch a marketing campaign to increase your behind the chair business. Just how good are you? How many different ideas do you have? Start gathering your professions business marketing knowledge and put it to work for you. In my opinion this knowledge is equal to or better than your Technique Inventory.

One of the great stories that I remember pertains to my son Preston, an accomplished stylist and educator in his own right. He asked me one time and I don’t remember exactly when but he said, “There are so many great stylists everywhere we travel, why are so few so much more financially successful than the others?” Instantly, the thought that ran through my head was, replying to Preston. “In this world we have thousands on thousands of incredabily talented stylists. What separates us is, some of us just promote and market ourselves a lot better.”

The reason for telling this is, as professional stylists we have to understand the magnificently large importance of knowing this. How to Market Yourself and Your Business is the only way to become over the top successful in this industry. PERIOD…..

One of the Marketing ideas I shared at an event while on stage was, and it first starts this way! You have to attain new clients constantly and retain existing clients as well. As your Campaign to generate new clients begins. Simultaneously offer a similar promotion to existing clients on there next visit. From your Marketing to new clients, you will get some new people coming to enjoy your services but I believe the best part is the existing clients will have so much more respect for you as a business minded stylist who cares and respects their continued patronage that I believe your referrals from these happy clients will also increase dramatically.

 I go into more ideas in the course,

Setting Your Career Up for Success,

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We all know you can do hair! Now let’s make more money doing hair!

Ok guy this is Buddy, and I’m out of here.

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