3 of the Reasons Your Client’s aren’t LIFERS!

As a young stylist finding my way in this very challenging industry did have its ups and downs and sometimes it was just crazy and I love it! So, we beginners would naturally gravitate to those stylists in the salon that were just kicking butt behind the chair. There was always this element of respect for their style as a stylist. I was amazed at how they handled the service they were performing, the time management of each client and literally all the other intangibles that made up a satisfied client.

#1. Never on time or not show up at all for client appointment!

#2 Sour Attitude towards life in general!

#3 Work Hygiene!

Did I catch you off guard with those 3 statements? It is so difficult in todays Hair Industry to find, what we Hair Veterans call LIFERS. A lifer is simply put a client that comes in on a regular schedule for services. They don’t shop around looking for another place or stylist. They follow you around town when you change professional locations. In a Nut Shell, the two of you have built a solid relationship that goes beyond their hair. I cover this subject more in the Course, Let’s Pretend I’m The Hair Stylist, lesson, #4 Client Based on Passion not Price. You’ll find this course located on the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy. https://buddy-sharp-ha-f945.thinkific.com

Being a Stylist with all the skills set, incredible marketing ability and knowing the importance of always improving you Professional Game as a Hair Stylist.

Building a Stable and Solid client list is our goal. By doing all the work to accomplish this goal is exciting yet frustrating but when you have reached this plateau of success it is truly sad to see when a very talented stylist applies any one of the 3 negative traits into their professional working life. Even the LIFERS, who will always be your Bread & Butter won’t tolerate this and fine someone new to do their hair.

Some simple rules to work by,

#1. Time Management is definitely one of the keys to SUCCESS.

#2. Don’t worry be happy!  Check the bad attitude at the door.

#3. Keep clients and co-workers happy, don’t leave a mess for others to     clean up.

This is Buddy, I’m out of here. “Let’s Keep Learning”

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