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I’ve been a hair stylist for 43 years and never would I have believed the entire Cosmetology industry could be forced to close its doors for business. In March of 2020 for the first time in my adult life I was not working at what I loved and that was Doing Hair and including all that goes with the industry. History will tell the story of the one and only time a Pandemic had the power to shut us down! No person-to-person contact was allowed to slow the spread of this Virus. So, me and all the stylists and salon workers I knew and all the ones I didn’t know, got several months of movie watching and weight gain to go along with the No MONEY COMING IN and money for expenses still going out. This situation sucked for so many people that were caught un-prepared and not having the income sources to pay their bills and keep living their life, much less any other expenses that came with all of this lock down.

Now, many years ago, I read that the wealthy people had a minimum of Six Revenue Sources. These individual sources that were not related to the same market protected their total earnings against life’s little mishaps that temporarily or permanently eliminated one or two of their Revenue Producing Sources. Now being a hair stylist, I started thinking of all the ways I could earn money without being behind the chair styling hair. So, I made a list of Revenue Streams available to me that did not include doing hair but still In My Wheel House”. At first it was difficult for me to come up with separate ways to earn that didn’t include me Being Behind the Chair in the Salon.  Like most great ideas, BABAM! Light Bulb Flash! I thought, don’t re-invent the wheel do what is proven to work but use my expertise on the subject and put my spin on the subject. Ha! Ha! Game on! I had it. My streams had to include sources of Residual Paying Revenue. (That’s getting paid over and over for doing the work once). Online training Video’s, Blogging and there’s so many more.  I wanted to know which were my top three areas to look into that fit my criteria.

I researched this through a company called Statistica, I found the income producing industries and ideas that were in my Wheel House. The rest is history, now I’m writing a Blog on a website that promotes Online Business Marketing for Stylists. The advice to create separate revenue streams to keep my professional earnings coming in when one market slows has taught me to appreciate how fragile any one industry is and that it can be gone in a moment. I’m going to list some of the separate Revenue Sources I use and strongly endorse. Now each is important in their own way because the way I look at it, small separate incomes added to your job’s income is a huge plus!

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