Building Different Revenue Streams

I was sitting outside on the patio of my favorite café having a cup of coffee one morning and the waiter, who had just graduated from a great college here in Texas. I believe it was Texas Tech and he tells me his degree was in Commercial Real Estate which in Texas is a pretty good gig. Now he remarked he had seen me more than a few times there and he asked about my job and how I could be sitting and having coffee and not at work. I giggled and proudly told him I was a retired hair stylists and I always believed in investing in myself or in opportunities that pertained to my career. So, I told him that my separate Revenue Streams were doing well and having coffee there was an escape from Karen’s two cats, Sam and Leo! I asked him if he planned on having different streams of income to help provide for his day-to-day life. Did he have a plan for building different sources of residual income that are in his Business Wheel House? This Leads me to ask this question? Do you or will you have separate streams of income and or residual paying streams of income?

My belief is that you have to have a minimum of 3 sources of income in the off time one is not performing like it did or it has a temporary slow time. You will have two others providing income until all is performing again.

In my particular industry or my WHEEL HOUSE there are opportunities I take advantage of.

Retail Products: To me Nourishing Hair Products are like Hair Insurance against the trauma the client will inflict on their hair until I see them again.

  1. Has to be Botanically Based Ingredients
  2. Keep all types of Hair Properly Nourished Scalp to Ends
  3. Encourage and maintain new Hair Growth
  4. A full line of the absolutes, Shampoo’s, Daily Conditioners, Masques, Fixatives and Conditioning Dry Shampoo.
  5. No inventory for me to deal with, I explain the products needed, Client purchases online and I get paid.
  6. Company drop ships and collects the I get Paid
  7. Client moves and refers product to, let’s say anyone and they buy the product. I get paid.
  8. Company encourages team sales building where I get a cut of all products sold if I’m present or not.

Teaching Classes: Online or in person. Remember teach to learn and your students win. Start with small events and one small training subject. Teach an hour and take a small break to re energize the class and you can be prepared for next hour of teaching.

Speaker: Talk slow, put tape on the stage and write a bullet point from your topic, move casually to another spot-on stage with tape and bullet point, do this as you need to stay focused on topic. This movement will keep the audience more interested because you are moving and speaking. Just one of the tips on How to maneuver the Audience by where you stand on stage.

These subjects and more will be presented in course form on the BSHA Platform coming soon.

As you can see it is unlimited. Keep an eye out for a course I’m putting on the BSHA Platform named “The Axel and the Spokes” A different view of Revenue Streaming.

These and other topics are taught on the BSHA Platform. Give them a look!

Check out my website link of Hair Products I Endorse.

Buddy Sharp, CEO Signing Off

“Let’s Keep Learning”

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