Branding Yourself and not Your Skills

I read this on a google search once and it said exactly what I totally believe. The author to credit for the written piece is *Chrissy Scivicque. To her, it is said perfectly. Cheers to Chrissy.

The importance of self-promotion

Through self-promotion, you establish a reputation in your field. You become memorable, which means that people think of you when opportunities arise that fit your skill set. You’re able to move around with ease because of your marketability, giving you peace of mind even in an uncertain job market.

I have taught for years, there’s so many talented stylists around where you live it’s literally impossible to choose one over the other based on skill set alone, their location or salon they work in. Something or someone has to set themselves apart from the pack. What is it that makes one different from the other? From experience, price mark downs on similar services are not what attracts the loyal clients you want to build your career around. Most new clients want to find and be around someone, who is like minded in their approach to their hair, has a skill set that fits their hair needs and are up on new trends that can affect their hair needs. All of these examples or traits are things people notice when you post on social media photos of you attending a new technique training event or speaking of the online courses you are taking so to better understand the industry in which you are a part of. Join and interact in Zoom call business discussions you are a part of and get yourself noticed. Post the Certificates of Completion you’ve earned, displayed them for all to see at your work. This gives you the respect your actions are asking for. Remember, there’s only 1 you. Own It.

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Every thing you do to improve your skill set, your knowledge of the business requirements that make your career run smoother or the professional way you carry yourself. All of this is putting you in a different category. A category of someone who is more than a behind the chair stylist. You are a Brand; your name personifies all you represent and it comes from being bigger than your job. Self-Promotion is the first step to launching your Brand.

Ok guys this is Buddy and I’m out of here.    

* Eat your Career

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