Branding Yourself, It has to be You!

I remember telling my good friend Claude, that long after I’m gone my legacy will still somewhat flourish because the Branding of me, Buddy Sharp* has more business value than Buddy the hair stylists. Claude is a business man who resides in or around Montreal, Canada and very well-respected business man in his own rights. He had invited me to come and address one of his business teams on the Growing and Developing of their team business by taking responsibility for their growth and success*. Their success in turn was a large part of his business success.

The reason for telling this is for me to explain the Steps I took to the Branding of the Buddy Sharp Name. This simple branding of myself, instead of just what I do as a stylist behind a hair styling chair has presented me with multiple different business opportunities that would not have been available to me otherwise. The Intellectual Business Properties owned and operated by Buddy Sharp Brand is a professional business and a viable resource for companies in the global hair industry to incorporate into their team trainings or sales groups. All the reason to Brand myself instead of just being known as a good hair stylist.

I believe what has to be sold is only about 10% of what is purchased, the other 90%, is You.

The Steps I took to Branding Myself

Credibility as a Professional:  Honesty and Integrity

Consistent Messaging and Skill Set:  Business Beliefs and Growing Skill Value

Visibility:  Being Seen by Decision Makers

Marketing:   Show Who You are, What Your Value is, When You are Available

Ok guys, this is Buddy and I’m out of here


* Setting Your Career Up for Success, Course Buddy Sharp Hair Academy

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