What’s Going on with this Hair?

Do you ever just want to roll out of bed and have your hair look stunning? Well, better sleep standing up!  Most people have one or more of the same hairstyles destroying issues. Your client left the salon looking great, every hair in place, full of flowing volume and got to her next destination, something was happening to the movement and volume, not much movement and the volume was starting to dwindle. You guessed it, *GRAVITY?  What is the atmospheric crap that turns luscious waves and soft controllable curls into a frizzed-up mess?You know this one, *Humidity? We can list off a dozen reasons why hairstyles tend to not last long after they are meticulously coiffed. The number one answer is “God has a sense of humor”.

Gravity and Humidity are the biggest pest’s hair has as it tries to maintain a longer lasting style. Several hours would be nice. 

The good news is there’s help. Better more nourishing products to help minimize the effects of these two nasty elements, we do need gravity and humidity to physically exist on this earth and that goes without saying. But Hair, not so much.

Fine hair needs volume modifiers, after structure holding fixative and heat protectants

Coarse hair needs Botanical Oils (small amount), less humidity (water) and Higher heat tools. Often use of moisturizers 

Curly hair needs cuticle adjustments for consistent curl pattern, dehumidifiers and definition 

Wavy, med. to full, healthy shine and soft to the touch. Well Hell, I got nothing. Thank your mother every day and keep on smiling. 

Then we get into chemically treated hair, add on such as extensions of all sorts of qualities and applications. All hair has to be properly nourished and maintained for the best performance and visible attraction possible to achieve. 

As Stylists we can’t just cut, color and build our way to the Perfect No Care Hair. For the most part, that dog doesn’t hunt. I’m not telling you which products or product line you must use. I am telling you that hair products are a great partner in your quest to be a great stylist. Think of products this way, Insurance, yes insurance against bad hair days for your client you cut and styled. When they leave your chair, it is imperative that for the next 5 weeks or until you see them again the work you did must be protected from the products you did not recommend. You are the professional, give them your opinion, tell them what you believe to be the best product to use for the effect they are trying to attain. Whether they use it or not is up to them. 

Do your research, learn what is best for all the types of hair and chemical processes you have passion for. You got this. 

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Ok guys, this is Buddy and I’m out of here. 

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