Tired of Hiding

I used to believe and live by the notion that if you were good at what you do, people will find you and you will be their stylist it all seemed so simple. Situations such as this happen sometimes, but not very often. So why make your business hard to be found? New clients don’t wake up in the morning needing their hair styled and think to themselves, “I’m going to go out and look very hard for a stylist I’ve never heard of or know where they work and get my hair done!”  Sounds really unusual to operate a service business this way. Many upon many stylists will start their career in a salon and never once think that, “I really need to promote myself and tell people where I work and the type of services I provide.”

I know all the excuses used not to promote yourself and your business but they are just that, excuses. When an excuse is needed any excuse will do.

Starting a career is difficult enough to operate but adding the cash for advertising is most times not available.

I have talked about some of the not so good ways to launch your Business. Now let’s discuss a few of the ways to promote yourself and your business for a very little bit of money. What is your favorite service to perform and your favorite type of client that gets this service?

#1 Start promoting yourself as a stylist and then your skill at a particular service you perform. This skill you perform has a different twist than most stylists perform.  This Twist can be any number of things.

Application time is quicker and less cumbersome.

Maintenance is Less needed.

You are the Expert so Tell It.

Always express yourself as the authority on this particular skill. Learn as much as you can about this service and gladly blow your own horn. Remember it’s your client you are impressing and not another stylist. Stay honest about your claim and promote yourself where it’s free.

Ok guys, no hide and seek, promote who you are first and most often, and then where and what you do.

This is Buddy and I’m out of here!

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