Adding Value to your Services

I asked Preston, my son the stylist, had he ever heard these statements from his clients before? So, I made the two different statements and waited for his response.

“I can’t believe you charged me this much for a color? When did you raise your prices”?


“The flower arrangement at the front desk gives such a nice touch to the salon, thanks for my new hair color”.

He told me he had never heard the first statement but the second one yes, and others like it many times before. The reason for asking him this was to point out that there are ways to add value to your service’s without necessarily raising the service price.  

Fair Market Value of a service price is what I believe to be charged for a service. Having said that, I also believe adding higher values to the service experience is a huge factor in who the service client chooses!

Example, People will spend $1000s of dollars each year to go on vacation. Relaxing, reveling in the sights and sounds of their chosen surroundings, the enjoyment of being pampered with attention to every need. Escaping to a beautifully decorated room to unwind and for a small amount of time separate themselves from the day-to-day life  love but need a break from. It’s so worth the price. Now, I’m speaking from my own experience! The value of this trip was not measured in the Dollar amount spent but the intangibles received.

Present these same type intangibles where you run your styling business and your repeat clients will look forward to visiting you time and time again.

Over the years I’ve been in and owned several salons and each one having some very important similarities. I briefly go over a few in this blog.

3 simple and inexpensive ways to add value to your services. 

  1. Location of the salon
  2. Décor of the interior
  3. Perks and Escape offerings

 This may sound snobby but it’s so true and oh so important people want to be pampered. *Luxury Salons as well as Luxury Products are rising in popularity by over 30% from 2018 to present. A luxury salon can go a long way in increasing self-esteem or providing a sense of belonging due to the personal attention and other positive offerings received.

 The previous paragraph spoke of the incredible vacation destination, sights and sounds and temporary escape from the realities of the day-to-day life of your client.

Location of the Salon: Providing your client an easy location to get to with considerable parking leading directly to the salon entrance.

Décor: Presenting upon their arrival a well thought decorative theme that is pleasing in its décor, individual sound level to suit the client and clean.

Perks & Escape: Simple refreshments offered based on the hour of the day and the wants of your client.

These are just a few of the Value ideas to make each client that makes an appointment with you feel an urging need to come back. These and many other ideas are explained in the upcoming online course at the Buddy Sharp Hair Academy titled, *Keeping Your Client

This is Buddy and I’m gone.

  • Keeping Your Client. Adding Value to Your Services

 This Course will be available in 02/2022

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