Knowing the Best Professionals

My daughter, who is 18, loves her dearly, sometimes forgets that the one of the qualifications of a true professional, and that would be me, consists of knowing true professionals in other lines of work. These Pro’s don’t perform the same services as you but are nonetheless great at what they do. The *The Cosmeceutical Industry consists of so many different businesses from hair, nails, massage, skin, eyelash extensions and the list of professions go on-and-on. It is imperative that you are familiar with the top specialists in other cosmeceutical fields in your community and have a working knowledge of their individual business and products they use. This network of professionals recommend clients to each other on a very regular basis. We don’t perform the same services but we often share the same clients. It’s always nice to know* Your Networks Network.

Do your research and locate the different types of salon professionals in your community that would benefit from the building of this type of networking. A great example of this type of networking is a hair stylist who doesn’t do red hair color (not all of us are good at it) and will refer this business to someone who is very talented with red hair color (my son Preston). An Eyelash Extension Artist referring a client to an Aesthetician for Brow Arching. It is very common for clients to receive several services from artists around your community, locate these artists and purpose this networking group idea to add growth to everyone’s business and have a get together meeting quarterly and discuss other ways you can be a part of each other’s *business brainstorming. This type of FREE MARKETING pays huge dividends for as long as you keep an active role in the network.

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