Why does Hydrogen Peroxide seem weaker? It’s only half full.

After doing hair color in the salon for many years I got up enough nerve to ask my Hair Chemical Vendor, who was the person I bought all my Hair Color products from. Now he was much more intimidating to ask a Concerning question about his products than to just place a big order which always made him so much easier to be around. But this time I had to have an answer to a difficult hair color question that had bothered not only me, but several of my co-workers. So, I began to explain to him that I had recently (for much longer really) noticed my color coverage was very inconsistent and the lighteners were often times not reaching the high Levels the client was looking for, at all!

I had heard the typical excuses of the client came in with dirty hair, It’s her time of the month. Now that excuse really didn’t fly for me. Or the lighting is just different and so many more I lost count. All I wanted was to get consistent results on the same client using the same products each and every time. I half expected to hear some bogus reason that would lead back to application error or client not seeing her hair in the right light, but WOW!! When he said “follow me and I’ll show you why! I was floored. Not only about knowing the real reason but that all I had to do was ask. Remember, just ask.

He took down off the shelf, the one where we kept all our un-used but open color tubes, half used bottles of color, and only God knows how long they had been there and finally the biggest culprit of them all. The Bottles of different strength Hydrogen Peroxide. I told him every salon I new or visited had this type of product storage. He rolled his eyes and grudgingly ask if I wanted the answer or not? So, I shut up and listened. As he began to tell me I was amazed and it all made so much since!  

 His explanation about the color tubes and bottles that had reached an expiration date and had Oxidized and lost their stabilizing ability. Manmade opened tubes or bottles of colors will only last 6 to 8 weeks before they become unpredictable or even worse GRAB TO DARK. So be careful to always check expiration dates and know the same product package should not be used on the same client at the next appointment. A little too risky.

This News will Blow You Away! The life span of Hydrogen Peroxide after opening is approximately 1 to 3 months! According to Manufacturer’s guide lines and how often you open the bottle and let more oxygen in, will determine the life span. The effectiveness of the H2O2 after opening the container is easy to gage.  Once its open it had better be used up before the month is over. Simple, don’t buy large containers unless you are very very busy. Smaller containers are more expensive purchased by size but they don’t go bad as fast, once they are opened get busy doing some hair. You will run out of smaller bottles quickly so by more bottles not the bigger bottles and only open them as needed.

I really enjoyed my lesson in chemicals that day and all the information is still very clear in my mind.

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