Directives of the Business Course

I was at a business class given by one of the Hair Extension companies that I was doing business with. The Speaker/Host was introducing the Course Educator to all that were in attendance and as usual, the taking of notes was just not my style of learning. My acute memory was fast at work logging all that was taught. So, of course over the next couple of days, no, let’s say in a couple of weeks, I planned to add all of these great Business Marketing Tips and Ideas to my daily routine of building on and maintaining my list of extension clients. OK, all of that sounded great but literally over the next few days I could not remember full ideas of any of what I was taught. I so tried to remember what was said but the amount of information put out to all of us in attendance on that day just started running together or in my case RUN AWAY from my memory.  Most all that was taught eventually came back to me but my motivation to put it to use was gone. My Bad! 

Today I will let you in on my way of remembering. As I watch a class or presentation, and they are spewing all of the information that they are trying to teach, I hang onto the piece or sentence that registered with me and write it down as a bullet point. In my brain, as I’m processing what they are saying, I give it a value. If it’s truly valuable, I jot it down. If its value is less, I don’t. I believe the information will come back to me when I re-visit my Bullet Points later. After the course I have to let my head clear of all the side distractions of that day, such as, oh man chicken for lunch again or dang I wish I would have sat farther back. At the end of a day of class, I will have several bullet points written down. I don’t revisit them that day, but at a later time I go through the bullet points and create a summary of what I learned. Learning to absorb the nutrients and not the fluff is a great gift. We all have a certain way of learning and this is my mine. 

This is Buddy, I’m out of here. “Let’s Get Learning”

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