My Ideal Formula for Business Donations.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you will hear this quote over and over “your donations are tax deductible” …and, in fact, they are! I strongly believe donating comes from the heart, out of love, and from your personal desire to advocate for an organization that you are passionate about. We are put on this Earth to uplift and support each other with what resources we have available to us. As a business owner, especially a small business owner, donating has to be done in a business minded fashion as to not to donate yourself right out of business!

I’m not saying as an entrepreneur you do not need to be abstain and not donate to charitable organizations but quite the contrary. Donating as a business is very beneficial as long as it is mutually beneficial to both the non-profit and the business. Your investment (time, energy, financials) should match the return from the organization (career growth). The donation should generate some sort of career growth from the organization. It could be new business leads, referrals, new clients, networking, etc. Career growth is not gaining a one-time client. A one-time client does not grow your business. A repeat (lifer*) client is always your goal with any type of promotional campaign.

Be it Charitable or Non-Charitable event a stylist’s ability to network the event and or audience gives great opportunity to use the business growth ideas acquired from Business Marketing Courses**. Career Growth is always at the forefront of business marketing campaigns. 

My formula description:

Rate of Investment is equal to or less than immediate Rate of Return which must lead to Career Growth.

Ok guys, I’m Buddy and I’m out of here.

Always remember, Let’s Get Learning

#1 Lifer in this context refers to a client you see career long.

#2 Business Marketing Course Refers to The Buddy Sharp Hair Academy, an online platform    

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