Techniques Needed to a Returning Client

The initial visit of a new client can oftentimes be nerve-wracking. My advice is to Relax breathe and let your Skills Set perform their job plus you knowing all the limitations and boundaries this particular hair has will open up all the creative styling that you have learned. It will take over and you will do a great job. At The Buddy Sharp Hair Academy, we offer online courses for hair styling to coach you on how to handle the rigors of *” Satisfying the First Time Client”. Remember, they are in your chair for the first time, and more often than not all their not-so-great hair experiences with other salons and stylists are still fresh in their minds, it’s up to you to win them over. These online courses for hair styling will teach you 3 of the techniques I taught many times to new stylists and interns who worked for me and got all nervous when a new client was in their chair. These techniques were created to allow the talent and confidence you have in yourself and your ability to take over. They are in this order: Relax, Skills Set, and Stay in Your Boundaries. This proven trio wins every time.  

RELAX; lets us think of all the positive outcomes and less hesitation to make suggestions you believe in that can occur.

Skills Set: Knowing your talents and the limits of the hair you are working with will let you perform those talents at a high level.

Stay Within Your Boundaries; Don’t overestimate the finished Style. Make double sure you understand the type of hair you are working with. Offer similar looks that you are certain can be obtained.

In all my salons I stressed to new interns and stylists that to start growing a solid client base would take approximately 6 to12 weeks using the techniques being taught to notice the return of repeat clients and continue to grow your business.

Based on a survey I read online published by a well-known company,

The percentage of clients returning for a second appointment after their first visit was a dismal 28%.  

The growth rate for first-time clients returning for their second visit at the Buddy Sharp Hair Salons returned at a larger percentage than those addressed by the previous survey. All this is due to having a plan with consistently positive results.

 Relax, listen to the client’s needs, and don’t over-promise the end result. Stay inside your boundaries.

Ok guys this is Buddy and I’m out of here.

*Satisfying The First Time Client, available for purchase 02/2022 on The Courses Buddy Sharp Hair Academy

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