Success Go Get It.
I have witnessed coworkers in my career that had a big fear of being successful. They would stray from their plans to reach their goals. Consciously or unconsciously procrastinate performing a daily task that needed to be completed to make the remainder of the day smoother and more profitable. I always made it a point in my life to not judge the success or failure of others but stay on course with the plans I had in place for my professional development.

Now, I’m saying the Path to Success that I followed had many bumps and turns peaks and valleys. But I learned after a few years in the Hair Industry that being committed to my career and always moving forward gave me such a sense of accomplishment and this encouraged me to push harder. Learn a new service, take a class on business marketing. There are so many tools that we as a stylist have at our disposal to make the journey,” not easier” but definitely more attainable.

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