I can’t believe I thought this would be easy

As I was taking an online course to get my Certification to be an accredited Business Life Coach, not so much to be a life coach but to just have the certification. As usual in all my Buddy Sharp wisdom; I was wanting the Certification Emblem because it would look great on my website and possibly while taking this course, I could pick up a little information on whatever was being taught! Once again, I was “Duh Wrong”! This course was incredible, the absolute wealth of knowledge being explained in such cool ways was a great eye opener. I could now put my ideas and thoughts into a true business format.  The company was Transformation Academy and website is and if you get around to it, look into their course.


Now back to why “I thought this would be easy”.  While taking the business life coaching course I began to see me teaching online courses. The instructors were making this look so easy and this platform method would be right down my ally! Only there was ONE BIG PROBLEM?  What would I teach? I didn’t want to teach Hair Styling techniques or Hair Extension Training lessons because this was being taught all over YouTube.  And now this entire thought of online teaching was getting frustrating, Not Impossible, but Frustrating. I still loved the Idea of online coaching method for predominantly Young Stylist and Newly Graduated Cosmetology Students. There continued learning in my opinion at this time is paramount to the success of their hair styling career. Especially being new to the business because they are in large the group of stylists for mostly the wrong reasons leaving the hair industry. These stylists are quitting at an alarming rate due to, and I believe this. Lack of Mentoring from more experienced stylists, understanding the true nature of the Hair Salon Life and dealing with good and not so good clients plus Coaching them on the simple ideas of Business Marketing so they can put BUTTS IN THEIR CHAIR!

Sorry, I got on my soap box there for a minute.

Well time’s up. To learn more about Building an Online Business Course.

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Buddy Sharp, Signing Off

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