I can’t believe I thought this would be easy

What I learned,

Now this project of building an online business coaching course has taken on a life of its own. It’s taking more of my time than learning to speak French. Especially this guy in Dallas Texas.  As the Official Hair Stylist of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 1990 to 1995 I was involved in many In Studio photo and video projects. So, I was familiar with Lighting set up, Boom Microphones, still and video cameras, back drops, subject target and that’s before I even began to shoot the video. I think I was in a brain fog when I decided I could do this. I guess I wasn’t that familiar? With online research I found my answers to these quandaries.

OK, now starts my goal of having my online course? I took some of my own advice and made this a great idea. The 4 Steps to Your Great Idea. I followed each step and came up with The Buddy Sharp Hair Academy. By doing the video section of the project I needed a Video Editor software to cut out goof ups, sneezing and such mistakes.  An online search came up with several options and I chose VSDC Video Editor, easy to learn to operate, adds text to your back drop, Changes the contrast of subject to the lighting and converts the video format (now you know why French is difficult) to one you can use on Social Media Platforms. I didn’t know this until I had to know this.  VSDC website is vsdc.com

Video was looking great and I showed first what I thought was a finished product to my wife and 17-year-old GEN Z daughter. My daughters first statement “Where’s the sub-titles”? Ok, I say as I look at my daughter in a total confusion. This is where she bails me out and “I love her smart young self” she tells me sub-titles are the dialogue running across the bottom of the video screen. They can also be in any language you decide to translate to from video language the person watching wants to read it in.  Now I have a new task? Back to online searching, yes, I found several companies that add Captions (Didn’t know they were available) to videos base on what is being said. There’s two types of captions Human and Mechanical. I chose mechanical because its quicker turn around. Karen goes through and edits any spelling or punctuation issues. The company I chose is Happyscribe very easy to use. The website is happyscribe.com

Where would a person be without a place to call home? So, in thinking an online course is like a person and needs a Platform to call home. That’s where Thinkific comes in. An online platform housing courses for all types of teaching. The website is thinkific.com

Having built Buddy Sharp Hair Academy from a small Idea to what it is today with the help and inspiration of the companies listed is why, yes, it was difficult to build from scratch and more difficult than I expected, but I would do it all over again. Learning to reach out and ask for help, will make you a much better teacher. And always thanks for all the help, Amit of Bizhawkz all of the staff. bizhawkz.com

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