I’ve always taken pride in letting future clients easily learn about me as a Stylist, Salon owner or any other business adventure I may get involved in. In the beginning of my career letting future clients in   on my business adventures was a tad more difficult than just posting on my favorite social media platform. Spreading the word was done through expensive advertising outlets, mailers and such. Then came the introduction of the internet and with it came the greatest most incredible business tool to be invented in my life time, THE INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS WEBSITE.

Technology has improved, website designs are cleaner and easier to navigate thus getting your business information out to the wanting public is quicker and considerably more affordable, yet still paramount to the success of your career. My business growth accelerated tremendously by the addition of the www.Buddysharp.com url address. Now after some 30 years of being on the web my BRAND, TEACHINGS AND STYLIST CAREER are forever grateful to the world wide web. Don’t go another day without having a business site, your career will thank you.

5 Tips to a great Stylist website;

#1. Impressive Landing Page, viewers want to know quickly, who you are, your location and how to contact you.

#2. About Page or Bio, Don’t Be Shy, this is the place to boast on your Accomplishments, Special trainings and Awards.

#3. Styles Gallery Page, This, is not a family and friends phot album. A place for Photos of your best work you want to promote. Plus change them out routinely because the same viewers are always watching you.

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#4. List of Services Page. I always listed my favorite to perform service 1st and so on.

#5. Contact Page. This page is directly connected to your email address to quickly alert you of a new client. It’s a must to check this email several times a day.

OK guys, this is Buddy and I’m out of here.

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